White Gold Smurf 116619LB Rolex King of Submariners

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August 30, 2023
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Although we have discussed the Rolex Submariner in typical stainless steel flash and seen other watches, something similar is going to occur when we push the boundaries of traditional watch concepts. beautiful 18-carat white, double-one-double submariner reference watch from Rolex with all the features of a divers watch, gold is unquestionably the king of all Rolex ups.

However, the Rolex caliber 3 135 inside the watch beats at twenty-eight thousand eight hundred vibrations per hour, providing for an eight-hour power reserve while preserving a 300-meter water resistant. his particular reference in White Gold is known as the Smurf and offers a sports watch with a jewelry-like feel. Considering the ceramic bezel and the dial's vibrant blue color.

We prefer to give our watches nicknames, and the dial color is always related to the nickname rather than the watch's material. Other examples include Pepsi Batman or Hulk, where classic submariners have all brushed bracelets to give them a more rough appearance and are constructed of white gold. The exterior of the submariner is brushed.

Bracelet links and polished center links

The dial on this watch is incredibly stunning, presenting a bright blue color and matte texture. The polished central links complement the elegance and luxury feel of the watch. There is no other reference for the Submariner with the blue texture you see on this specific model, and other subs have such styles. This blue matte dial makes it clear that less is more—there are no reflections.

No enticements When the dial in question is this gorgeous, bright, and engaging all you really need is the same dial, the same texture, and the same thing the watch comes with a standard glide lock clasp - which increases the candidness of the watch so from a specifications point of view you have a complete sports watch made in 18 karats white gold and Then that blue that once we see it, we just can't unsee.

The master of Rolex Submariner offers arguably the most stunning Dials available in these and the loudest as well, which can never go unnoticed with the luxurious field of white gold to enhance the experience and joy of ownership. You probably won't hear it while diving, but if you want to, you can. The watch is made of 18 karat gold, making it roughly twice as heavy as steel Submariners.

Final Thoughts On the Watch

The Rolex Submariner keeps its recognizable appearance even on tiny wrists. Connecting to the bracelet that enhances the experience When you look at the wrist, the modern sub with Mexi cases are more like 42-millimeter watches but you can see that the case it's in the center of the wrist and there is no flaring or lugs sticking out meaning that despite being a larger 49-millimeter lock to lug hide the watch sits comfortably even on smaller wrists the bracelet can towards the wrist nicely and there is no sense that it is oversized or under size.

If you are familiar with it, you will know what it is, and if you have seen it, you will know that you must have this blue and white gold Rolex Submariner in your collection.

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