troducing-: The 34mm Royal Oak Watch From Audemars Piguet Makes Its Debut In Pristine White Ceramic

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September 4, 2023
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What We Know!

Nowadays, Audemars Piguet quietly unveiled a mesmerizing watch that radiates beauty, and it's not only because of the immaculate white case. Look at the brand-new 34mm Royal Oak with its magnificent white ceramic appeal.

Although the firm has already dabbled in ceramics, it's fascinating to see that white versions are usually released after black ones. The cause? Due to its physical durability and the complex technical hurdles it poses, creating white ceramic is a more difficult task. There is no room for compromise when the name AP is involved since it stands for accuracy and excellence. The case requires a satin finish with brushed chamfers, which is difficult for a material that is nine times harder than steel to accomplish.

What We Think!!

The attraction of AP's ceramic timepieces has been stealing the show for a while, with an unusual focus on the highly sought-after white porcelain. There is an unmistakable allure surrounding the white ceramic that I find mystifying, despite the fact that it is not our personal preference when it comes to the brand; if given the choice between the two, we'd choose a black ceramic eternal. It's a big claim that we can't fully comprehend. In search of clarification, we got in touch with our perceptive Style Editor, Malaika Crawford, who has a greater comprehension of the allure these watches have on devotees.

These days, ceramic isn't exactly a newcomer to the market. We will admit that when we want a taste of the Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan vibes from 2004, we indulge in donning a white ceramic Chanel J12. However, there is an undeniable freshness about it when it adorns a timepiece. We can still clearly recall catching a glimpse of Bloody Osiris wearing a white ceramic perpetual calendar that measured 41 millimetres in diameter. At 34mm, this version of Bloody's trademark QP might just be the more approachable one. It has a far bolder aesthetic than the black counterpart or even the colourful Bucci dial. But when worn on the right wrist, it becomes the ideal standout accessory.

So maybe we are not the intended recipient of this watch, and not the only one who doesn't fit that description. Aside from the blue ceramic perpetual calendar that AP unveiled last year, white ceramic cases are among the company's rarest appearances and are in high demand among collectors. Only 22 watches in AP's broad collection include black ceramic, including the Code 11:59 with its ceramic midcase. In comparison, there are only four white ceramic watches in the list; two of them are big complexity that are likely to remain out of reach for most people, and the other is an Only Watch release from this year. Also gone is the perpetual calendar made of white ceramic. As a result, this watch is the only possible timepiece in the given case material, which is evidence of its exclusivity and the anticipated challenge in securing one.

If a 34mm Royal Oak featured the ideal blend of materials and dial aesthetics, we would personally embrace it. While adding the case material to the 34mm black ceramic option already available seems like a logical step, I'd really want to see AP innovate by creating a white ceramic watch with a black or blue dial that captures the colourful nature of the case material. Why not use all of your daring if you're already grabbing people's attention?

The Basics Of The Timepiece

We present the alluring Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Selfwinding 34mm, a masterpiece that skillfully combines traditional luxury and contemporary charm. With a sleek 34mm diameter and an incredibly thin 8.8mm thickness, it strikes the ideal mix between elegance and presence on the wrist. The stunning white ceramic case serves as a flawless backdrop for the magnificent silvered dial, which is embellished with the classy Grande Tapisserie design.

The dial's intricately carved pink gold attached hour markers and Royal Oak hands wonderfully contrast the silver background. The functionality of the watch is improved with luminescent details that guarantee reading in any light. This watch is adaptable enough to go with you through daily activities and offer a touch of beauty to every moment thanks to its water resistance of 50 metres.

The striking white ceramic bracelet, which has a steel AP folding clasp with a stylish black DLC finish, completes the look. This superb pairing of materials guarantees a snug and comfortable fit on the wrist in addition to exuding flair.

The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Selfwinding 34mm reflects the spirit of a timeless companion for people who value the finer things in life with its mix of painstaking craftsmanship, sophisticated design, and lasting elegance.

To Sum Up!!!!

Fundamentally speaking, the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Selfwinding 34mm in white ceramic is a real masterpiece that expertly melds class, innovation, and craftsmanship. This clock is a classic representation of tasteful aesthetics thanks to its exquisite design, high-end materials, and thorough attention to detail. It is a flexible and eye-catching companion for every occasion thanks to its small but significant size, illuminated dial, and unusual strap. This watch is a monument to Audemars Piguet's dedication to excellence, making it a cherished addition to any discriminating collection, whether you're a connoisseur of horology or simply love the better things in life.

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