Rolex top-tier - Day-Date Rolex in platinum with baguette diamonds

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August 30, 2023
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This is one of the best things about Rolex because no matter which model or watch you pick up there is a history that is not just decades-long but also generations-long.

Accordingly, we are discussing a watch that was introduced in 1956 and as of today, the Rolex day date has a history of over 66 years. This was also the first Rolex to ever offer a completely spelled day of the week; thus, the name day date; this watch is where you get a date in the day just with a cyclops lens, and what's interesting is that this is not where everything that the day-date has to offer ends.

As a result, the watch we are discussing today, the Rolex Day Date, was first presented in 1956 and has been around for more than 66 years. This watch is where you receive a date in the day merely with a cyclops lens, and what's noteworthy is that this is not where everything that the day-date has to provide ends. This was also the first Rolex to ever offer a fully spelled day of the week; hence, the term day date.

Availability in Precious Metals

The day date is only available in the precious metals of yellow gold, pink gold, white gold, and platinum and is not sold in steel in any configuration. In addition, as of right now, this is the only genuine 40-millimeter case-sized Rolex in the Oyster perpetual and non-professional range that Rolex has to offer. If you hadn't already noticed, Rolex never offered the 40-millimeter case size in either op or DJ. Instead, they went from 36 to 39 millimeters, then 41 millimeters, and finally, with DJ, they went from 36 millimeters all the way to 41 millimeters.

This particular configuration of the day-date is also pretty much the top-of-the-line model because it comes in a platinum case and bracelet with ice blue sunburst style, which is absolutely spectacular, to say the least. Then there are those diamond indices in the dial that really make this watch something that is truly hard to describe in words or even show in the camera.

The High-End Experience

The day-date offers all the high-end experience without sacrificing Rolex functionality or specs, so being in the oyster case once more means that it is waterproof to ti depths. From a distance, platinum may look like just steel, but on your wrist, you feel the weight and in your eyes, you experience the joy and pleasure every second you wear it from basically the best in the business precious metal.

Along with the 70 hours of power reserve that furthers the convenience of owning a timepiece like this, the day-date dial in ice blue is incredibly stunning, and even up close, it is absolutely stunning.

Inspection The sunburst lines, which allow the dial to play with light as it does, are incredibly sharp and well-defined. The diamonds used for the indexes, on the other hand, are an absolute ocean of beauty, and you could easily lose yourself in them for hours.

A Beautiful Configuration

On the wrist, the day-date feels like an absolute role stream. It is beautiful and truly stunning, and in this configuration, with diamond indices you really will likely be lost in the experience, it has to offer. Obviously, the day-date is not a professional watch, so you can't really complain about that, but it offers 100 meters of waterproofness so you can still easily jump in the pool wearing and enjoying it regardless
Not to say it wears poorly; in fact, it wears the best for an oyster perpetual case Rolex, and at 40 millimeters, it wears true to size and provides the ideal amount of heaviness and relaxation feeling.


Even though Rolex offers a variety of steel watch options, they only produce the Day-Date in precious metal because that is what it represents—prestige, pride, and enjoyment—in the modern world where most people wear watches for fun and enjoyment. The Day-Date checks off all the boxes you could possibly think of.
Is there a better example of timelessness in watchmaking and design from the best watchmaker to ever exist than when Rolex introduced this masterpiece more than 60 years ago?

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