Only billionaires Can Afford These 5 Expensive Richard Mille Watches

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November 9, 2023
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Richard Mille timepieces belong to a universe that goes beyond simple timekeeping and encompasses richness, refinement, and exclusivity. This Swiss watchmaking establishment spins timepieces that are as lavish as the most priceless treasures, each painstakingly constructed with unfailing accuracy. Here, we examine the five most expensive clocks made by Richard Mille and reveal the enthralling tales behind their excessive prices. Let's start on this opulent and sophisticated horological flight.

1. Sapphire Richard Mille Tourbillon RM 56-02

The Richard Mille Tourbillon RM 56-02 Sapphire, launched in 2014, is the company's most expensive watch to date, with a whopping $2 million USD price tag. It represents the pinnacle of the brand's craftsmanship. Its unique All-Sapphire case, which it displays, is where its extravagant price comes from.

The watch's all-Sapphire case allows wearers to see inside the delicate dance of the movement with an unmatched level of transparency. This Sapphire cage not only exudes a sense of magic, but it also bestows extraordinary resistance, serving as a powerful barrier against the dangers of scratches and wear.

2.    Richard Mille RM 56-01

A painstakingly recreated version of the RM 56, the RM 56-01 was unveiled by Richard Mille in 2013 and sold for a regal $1.85 million USD. A manual winding tourbillon movement that gives it the refinement of traditional watchmaking expertise is hidden beneath its opulent appearance. Like its predecessors, the RM 56-01's repertory includes hours, minutes, and a function selector.

This horological jewel, which was created utilising a complex sandwich-design technology, is related to its ancestors because of the casing, which was painstakingly cut from a single Sapphire block. Additionally, it has a Sapphire crystal baseplate that provides sturdy support for the manual winding Tourbillon movement, a mechanical symphony.

The RM 56-01 epitomises real exclusivity and uniqueness in the world of luxury timepieces with a production run restricted to just five pieces.

3.    Richard Mille Panda RM 26-1

Enter the world of the Richard Mille Panda RM 26-1 to experience horology with a charming twist. A group of people, similar to watch aficionados, has a soft spot for pandas because they are such endearing animals. Through a stroke of creative genius, Richard Mille aimed to bring these two worlds together by bringing together those who love pandas and watches.

Only 15 people on our earth are fortunate enough to own this amazing sculpture, which costs a stunning $1.6 million USD and pays homage to the essence of pandas. Under its alluring façade, the manual winding Tourbillon Movement synchronises the passage of the hours, minutes, and power reserve indicators with exactitude.

The lavishly black-adorned onyx base plate is just the start of the attraction, though. An 18k White Gold Panda, painstakingly positioned against a background of hand-painted and hand-sculpted bamboo trees, adds a touch of grandeur. The watch is transformed into the epitome of luxury thanks to this whimsically endearing and incredibly rare design, turning keeping time into an art form.

4. Richard Mille RM 52-01 Red Skull

The RM 52 series will appeal to your sophisticated taste if your taste tends towards the avant-garde and edgy.\

A finely made manual winding Tourbillon calibre on a Grade 5 Titanium baseplate with PVD treatment serves as the foundation for this exceptional watch. The case, bezel, and case back of this watch were crafted from the powerful Tetragonal Zirconia Polycrystal Ceramic and adorned with Carbon Nanotubes, adding to its attractiveness.

An 18K Red-Gold Skull, a symbol of daring design, adds an interesting finishing touch to the dial. With only 30 of these frosty clocks gracing the world, rarity is the defining characteristic of this horological jewel. The watch costs a whopping $1.42 million USD due in large part to its uniqueness, making it a genuinely unique masterpiece in the world of Richard Mille.

5. Richard Mille Boucheron RM 018

Richard Mille began a wonderful journey of collaboration in honour of Boucheron's 150th anniversary celebration. Their artistic collaboration resulted in this timepiece masterpiece that honours the prestigious jewellery company.

Each year, just five of these exceptional watches—each embodying a fusion of artistry and exclusivity—are released into the world. Notably, Boucheron's discriminating eye was the only one used in the artistic selection of the precious stones used to adorn the watch. A real piece of horological and gemological artistry, this exceptional partnership, together with the rarity and splendour of these gemstones, culminate in a price tag deserving only the most discerning collector—a stunning $1 million USD.


Richard Mille creates clocks that go beyond the ordinary and are works of art, elegance, and innovation. Each of these watches symbolises a mix of cutting-edge horology and unmatched aesthetics, from the ethereal beauty of the All-Sapphire casing in the RM 56-02 to the whimsical appeal of the Panda RM 26-1 and the avant-garde design of the RM 52 series born of partnership. These five exceptional watches, each fetching a hefty price, stand for the pinnacle of craftsmanship, rarity, and the limitless creative spirit that characterises Richard Mille. For those who are fortunate enough to acquire one, they function as more than just timepieces; rather, they are genuine representations of grandeur and uniqueness, capturing the pinnacle of luxury watchmaking.

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