New Offerings We Expect From Rolex in 2023

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August 30, 2023
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One way to predict new launches is to keep track of brand anniversaries, as they often unveil special releases.

As we look forward to the new year, there are certain watches and releases that we anticipate and hope to see in the watch industry. Here are some personal predictions and expectations for the coming year.

What Rolex may have in 2023

As 2023 approaches, fans of the luxury watch brand Rolex are eager to see what the company has in store. Every year, rumors circulate about potential price increases, discontinuations of certain models, and new color options for popular collections. It's likely that these trends will continue in the coming year.

The revised Air King, the 36mm and 41mm Datejusts with green displays, the green GMT Master II with a left-handed case, and other recent Rolex items have all caught my attention. The left-handed GMT Master II has grown in favor of the used watch market despite conflicting viewpoints. There was some skepticism regarding the new products because the releases from the previous year were largely seen as underwhelming.

Now is the time to predict the exciting developments that await Rolex in 2023. With a reputation for excellence, there are many bold predictions for what this iconic brand will deliver. Rolex has the potential to surprise and impress, and there's no reason to expect anything less than amazing news in 2023.

1. Price Adjustment for 2023 Rolex Watches

With high demand and increasing costs for materials, logistics, and wages, Rolex is expected to adjust its prices in 2023. The brand's commitment to maintaining its standard of quality requires them to take this step to keep up with the expenses.

2. Expansion of Rolex Authorized Dealers

In 2023, Rolex plans to invest in increasing production and reducing its network of authorized dealers to boost the availability of its watches at approved dealerships. Those near a dealership will have improved access, but those further away may not find it as convenient.

3. Iconic Rolex Models Could Be Discontinued

In 2023, Rolex might discontinue a few of its popular stainless steel watches, allowing the brand to focus on expanding its collection of precious metal timepieces. Models such as the Batman Pepsi, Wimbledon Datejust, Oyster Perpetual in various colors, and the Kermit are rumored to be on the chopping block, providing an opportunity for the company to update its lineup.

4. Solid Gold Datejust to Make a Grand Entrance

There's a high expectation that Rolex will introduce a solid yellow or rose gold Datejust in 2023, especially with the jubilee bracelet. The Datejust line is an iconic and beloved collection, and the addition of a gold version would add a touch of tradition. Compared to the Day-Date bracelet, a solid gold jubilee bracelet is believed to be a better fit for the solid gold Datejust.

5. A Submariner Model with a Vibrant Dial

It's no secret that Rolex has a knack for incorporating colors into their timepieces. From the striking green sports watches to the iconic Tiffany blue dial Oyster Perpetual, Rolex always knows how to make a statement. In 2023, it's rumored that the brand will introduce a Submariner model with a bold red dial and matching bezel, sure to turn heads.

6. The GMT Master II Goes Two-Toned

The GMT Master II is a staple in the Rolex collection, known for its versatile red and blue Pepsi bezel. However, 2023 could bring a new twist to this classic timepiece. Reports suggest that Rolex may release a two-tone GMT Master II with either a Tiffany blue or green bezel, harkening back to two of the brand's most popular color choices. The anticipation is high for this fresh take on a beloved Rolex model.

7. A Dip in Used Rolex Prices

In 2023, it is predicted that the prices of pre-owned Rolex watches will experience a decline. Economic factors such as tightening budgets and declining economies worldwide may result in a decrease in luxury goods purchases. The increase in Rolex's production rate is also expected to affect the used market.

8. Expanded Range of Women's Sports Watches

Rolex is predicted to offer a wider range of stainless steel sports watches for women in 2023. The brand is expected to introduce a 37mm Submariner, considered to be the perfect size for a female wrist.

Every year, there is always a buzz of anticipation and speculation surrounding the potential discontinuation of certain luxury watch models by brands such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Audemars Piguet. In recent years, one model that has been the subject of much discussion is the green-glass Milgauss by Rolex. The watch has a unique design that not everyone may like and it has been rumored that it may be phased out in the coming years. However, it's important to keep in mind that these are just rumors, and it's always difficult to predict which models will be discontinued. Ultimately, it's up to the brands to decide the future of their product lines.

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