The Rolex GMT-Master II: Two-Tone and Yellow Gold's Rebirth

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August 30, 2023
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The captivating presence of a two-tone sports watch then manifests, embodying the harmonic fusion of sportiness and refinement.

Finally, a striking bi-colored bezel that is reminiscent of the legendary GMT-Master entwines with our thoughts. The Rolex GMT-Master II 126713GRNR, a spectacular fusion of steel and gold, holding the name "Rolesor" in accordance with Rolex's beloved nomenclature, is now the result of a stroke of horological genius by Rolex that interweaves two distinguishing designs into a potential modern masterpiece.

Even though some people would be quick to write it off as just another two-tone Rolex, those who have had the honour of seeing its beauty "in the metal" know that it is much more than that. The interplay between the colours of ebony and ash-gray, the polished case flanks, bracelet links, and cerachrom bezel, as well as the radiant reflections they emit, combine to create a timepiece that is unlike any other in how perfectly it captures the essence of Rolex.

GMT Master 2 Tone On Wrist

The bi-color GMT-Master II became the pinnacle of what a Rolex should really be as Watches and Wonders 2023 revealed its secrets: a sign of excellence and workmanship, an expression of everlasting sophistication.
Fear not, though, for the full yellow gold GMT-Master II 126718GRNR arrives with an unequalled aura for those seeking an even more spectacular statement. Its charm is undeniably alluring, and its presence demands attention. It serves as evidence of Rolex's unwavering ingenuity and competence, a horological masterpiece that genuinely leaves an imprint.

If you look closer, you will see that every other aspect of the new GMT-Master II is already present in the vast Rolex collection. The triumphant return of yellow gold, the most cherished precious metal in the world, to the prestigious GMT-Master line, however, makes these releases significant and reignites a flame that had last burnt bright in 2018.

Furthermore, it's important to point out that these watches' specifications match those of their GMT-Master II cousins, making them a familiar companion for those familiar with the finer points of Rolex's superb engineering. In that case, feel free to continue exploring if you're already familiar with the rich history of Rolex specs.

Accept the fascination of the new GMT-Master II clocks, which have a casing that measures 11.9mm in thickness and spans a graceful 40mm from lug to lug and 48mm from lug. The Rolesor model blends the durability of 904L stainless steel in a beautiful way with the radiance of an 18K yellow gold bezel, crown, and inner bracelet links. On the other hand, the full yellow gold version radiates wealth thanks to its all-lustrous 18K yellow gold construction.

The amazing Calibre 3258, a watchmaking masterpiece with an astonishing 70 hours of power reserve, is at the centre of the GMT-Master II.
A number of remarkable features, such as the famed Chronergy escapement, a blue Parachrom hairspring, and paraflex shock absorbers, are contained within this in-house movement. Notably, this "true" GMT movement enables the local hour hand to be adjusted independently, guaranteeing accurate timekeeping while you travel across several time zones.

GMT Master 2 Tone Full

The new GMT-Master II's bezel is constructed entirely of 18k yellow gold and has a 24-hour Cerachrom inlay. There are 24 different "clicks" that correspond to each time zone, and the bezel mechanism moves smoothly in both directions. Some enthusiasts, nevertheless, are hoping for a bezel mechanism update because the current model feels a little mushy and makes a muffled pounding sound rather than a distinct click. Leaving that aside, the bezel is superb in and of itself.

With a highly polished black ceramic on the upper half and a polished grey ceramic on the lower half, it features a stunning two-tone design. The graduations with even numbers are engraved and filled with gold, giving them a frosted appearance that improves their aesthetic appeal.

The choice of grey is very striking, evoking thick storm clouds. It can merge indistinguishably under some lighting circumstances due to the mix of this colour and the polished finish, only becoming noticeable as reflections change. Without using a polarising colour, it's a brilliant approach to include a day-night indicator. Particularly when accompanied by the two-tone jubilee bracelet, the grey ceramic emanates a modern style while still preserving a hint of vintage charm.

The new Rolex Titanium Yachtmaster and platinum Daytonas with open-casebacks drew a lot of attention at HM watches 2023, but the GMT versions also caught my eye. They took a time to realise they were new to the lineup even though they felt eerily familiar. I soon learned that others felt the same way because similar opinions were expressed when discussing the releases by friends and fellow collectors.

GMT Master 2 Tone Back

This is evidence of the strength and distinctiveness of the Rolex brand, where a few standout features are so closely connected to the brand that any combination feels completely harmonious. It may appear modest at first, but it embodies the recognition and cohesion that many businesses aim for.

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