Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Frosted is an Example of timeless Creativity

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August 30, 2023
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Genta started sketching and drawing for the Royal Oak right away. The following day, Italians fell in love with the drawings and immediately agreed to have this watch.

That's a little bit of the story behind the inception of the great Royal Oak. But unfortunately, it didn't go as planned because the Quartz crisis had already started. At that time, Swiss watchmaking was going through a shaky period.

At the start, many did not like this watch until Agnelli, the boss of Fiat was noticed with the Royal Oak on her wrist, and there it was. After that, everyone started liking and wanting it, becoming a fashionable trend among the masses.

Let's go into the detail and learn about the new grey at the Audemar Piguet. First, the brand launched two unique masterpieces called the urban legends.

The Arrival of The Royal Oak Frosted Gold timepieces

Audemars Piguet took the inspiration for the New Royal Oak Frosted from ancient jewelry. The watch was launched on the occasion of the brand's 40th birthday in 2016.

The brand had decided to give its iconic watch in the hands of an Italian jewelry designer Carolina Bucci. So they challenged her to provide it with a new face using the old gold hammering technique.

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This traditional technique of hammering gold is also known as Florentine. This technique is used to give gold a shimmering effect to give it a shiny embossed effect.
This same method is done by consistently tapping the metal surface with a diamond-tipping tool. This continuous movement results in multiple indentations on the surface and provides an excellent shimmery appearance.

The hammered gold technique is handcrafted and reshapes the gold surface into a shimmery snow-like setting.

AP frosted

The launch of this new Royal Oak Frosted tells the story of how this brand experiments with traditional jewelry techniques. The most prominent feature of this watch resides in its shiny, sparkling appearance. Which we know comes from a surface treatment process rooted in an ancient hammering technique.

Audemars Piguet's artisans' primary challenge was assembling this beautiful surface on the bracelet and case of the new Royal Oak. It was not easy to though. First, the artisans must do it without altering the clean lines that define the face of Royal Oak.

It took them many trials and errors before the final operation. In addition, the blend of Bucci's Florentine technique and AP's original manufacturer design demanded t be handled with extra care.

In the end, it turned out to be timeless creativity. The watch was a shiny, glamorous piece that could turn heads.
The look was shining like a twinkling star when catches the light while retaining the wearability of Audemars Piguet's bracelet. The alchemy was delicate to operate: Nothing was added to the watch, and nothing was removed. But, the look was transformed amazingly.

The "Grande Tapisserie" look on the dial at the heart of the complication is mesmerizing with a 4401 caliber.

What is the Grande Tapisserie ? It's the little squares that look like little swiss chocolate bars with the AP's traditional three storytellers placed.

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